Skywatch Friday - Memories

Early morning at 5:45AM, the bus dumped me at Kaup highway station on voting day. It usually arrives around 7AM however this time it made it early! May be driver was in hurry to exercise his right to vote  ;-). Couple of minutes later, I reached my village with welcome from humid weather. As you stand, it started out of sweat all along body. I can name it as sweatfall ;-). After savoring tasty early morning tea, I went out to play with my nephew with his new cycle :-). Being longer in length, I could step onto it and fortunately beared my weight too :D.

For a brief period, he parked the cycle on one of the paddy field nearby. At once, I just looked at cycle as normal object however later on my mind wandered into those childhood days when we used to cycle everyday without fail. We were peddling around 15-20kms everyday all along the rural landscapes. Oh yes, I was lucky to be stayed in rural areas which provides enormous room for cycling and excursion. TV was of less priority and no irritating summer camps. We were on our own enjoying each moment of joy. All through the day, we played beating the scorching orange balloon and early evening it was time for cycling :-).

Back to present! I took some HDR shots of parked cycle on field with coconut trees in backdrop. The gloomy weather had covered skies with clouds (rather thick ones) which compelled me to compose bracketed shots to give bicycle a Halloween look :D. Later on nephew started cycling again and no respite from heat as clouds faded away teasing the village :-(.

Despite peddling for a longer duration, my nephew never seemed to be tired. That's the energy of kids :-). He could easily cycle all around the place without fear due to the fact it was rural area and deprived of traffic heck. At a moment, he fell down negotiating a narrow pass which was new challenge for him. The injury did not deter him from proceeding further. After being persistent for many trials, he finally coasted along the narrow pass with ease. He paused the ride for a while, approached me fervently and shared his joy and continued cycling along same path for minimum of 50 rounds :-). Oh God, that smile, that enthusiasm of kids is just mind blowing :-). I was astonished and at the same time exhilarated by his persistence and expansiveness. I did not forget him to compliment too!

It's not only my nephew but rather characteristics of most kids. Even I have fallen down during early days of cycling and it never stopped my continuity! Yes, the kids teach us indirectly the importance of persistence. Not to miss, even small progress fills them with joy. They feel victorious even if they cross small hurdle and move on to next level. The earlier victory provides them positive bias to combat next levels with confidence. In similar way, rather than concentrating on final goal, we have to enjoy every moment of successful progress. It is such tiny progresses which leads us to path of victory. Never under-estimate the progress however small it feels like. Even if nobody honors it, make sure to honor yourself. It does not mean to get into your head rather view them as confidence booster. Even my nephew honored himself with two pieces of laddus ;-). On similar way, honor yourself with small gift (may be even a dose of churmuri :D). Always be humble in life and learn from kids to elders. Never rate a person based on his age but on his values. Accept that you cannot be right always (and no one are) and respect people who strive to correct you. My father always says this quote "Some lessons in life is learnt from selfexperiences but do not miss an opportunity to learn from other people's experiences. It enables you to create lesser mistakes"

Just a look at cycle created adrenaline of thoughts in my mind. Whatever is expressed is not universal however I write them down to educate myself and engrave those qualities to certain extent. The above mentioned thoughts may be useful to someone or may be just a rambling for few. It is not to educate anyone and I have not grown to an extent of providing life advices ;-). Early in evening, he crosses same path repeatedly to make sure he never gets it wrong!

Music time! Enjoy the music "Memories" by Ronny K. vs Ziki and its remix by New World and cherish your childhood days. The best, as always is from New World and there is magical talent in him. I have deep respect for his music and he never disappoints his fans like me during every new release. I always feel mesmerized by his music and his brilliance of tuning those strings to theme of music! Being in US, he could have been easily lured towards pop/jazz/rock music. However, inspired by Andy Blueman, he finally ended up in Uplifting trance which can deliver true emotions :-). His interest in uplifting music has created masterpieces every-time (especially the 'Outreach' which is musical marvel). Despite being younger than me, I strive to learn lot from his hard work, persistence and passion. I always feel amazed by such Uplifting trance music producers. Despite having great talent they do not earn patronage like rock bands or Bollywood musicians. Still they persist to produce such music since it makes them happy :-).

Ronny K. vs Ziki - Memories (Original mix):
Ronny K. vs Ziki - Memories (New World Remix):

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