Time Lapse Video - 2 [4 in 1]

Here is the continuation of Time Lapse videos. This time the images were taken in my native village paadoor near kaup, Udupi district. One fine afternoon, I was sitting idle. There was heavy breeze from west as an indication of Monsoon Beginning. I saw the trees and paper on the table flying along the breeze. This gave a thought for creating time lapse video.

The first two were taken in AUTO mode. The first one is a cloth and paper flying along the wind and the second one is fluttering of trees and plants. I did not have tripod and hence used table to have steady frame :-). The second one though bit shaky since I could not get proper elevation in camera.

The other two were taken next day morning. The monsoon was about to begin and consequently lots of clouds floating around sky. With wind pushing the clouds faster, it was right time to capture time lapse. The first was around 10AM and the second one was filmed around 12:00PM. It was hot and humid so both the times I had to adjust shutter, aperture and exposure to have clear view of sky and clouds. In the first case the shutter speed and exposure were set manually (1/1600s, -1ev) and in next case aperture and shutter speed were manually set (F7.1, 1/2000s).

The first video was taking along with stool in the coconut plantation. My mother was surprised and asked me what I was doing. I told will explain later. The stool made sure that the frames were steady.

The second video was taken under hot sun. The camera was kept under hot cement roof of the house. My mother became furious seeing this. Somehow I convinced her that camera would be fine. I guess the images were taken for 5-10 minutes. Fortunately camera sat steadily on the roof and hence I grabbed nice interval pics. After the session, my mother inspected the camera for correctness. It was too hot and mother got angry that I will make mess of my camera. I showed her the time-lapse (approximate) by fast scrolling the images on LCD screen.

The video was created using KDENLIVE. One can create slideshow clip in KDENLIVE to get desired speed. For ex:

If you select 5 frames for an image and there are total 90 images and you select 30fps as frame rate, then the calculation goes as follows.

Duration of video = [(Number of frames per image) * (Number of images) ]/ (frame rate)

In above case, duration = 5 * 90 / 30 = 15 seconds [Simple math nothing special :-)].

You can increase or decrease duration by increase or decrease frames an image can take. More the frames/image slower is the time lapse and vice-versa. Ex: For clouds, one may want to have faster time-lapse while for sunset one may choose slower.

So here is the video! Watch and enjoy. Share if you like it and comment if you have suggestions.

Warning: Using intervalometer script may decrease the camera shutter life. So use it only when required :-)

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