Sunset - Beautiful Life

Just before monsoon began, we went to see beautiful Kaup beach. We are not sure whether we could visit this place in next 3 months or so. The beach roaring with full enthusiasm. It was like the huge waves welcoming monsoon season. The roaring sound can be even heard far away till our house which is 5kms from beach. It was fearful as well as beautiful to watch roaring sea and high waves (which was like Tsunami waves :D).

This time I took tripod along with my camera to capture some wave movements with long exposure. I did some trial even with higher 'f' stops too! This was captured with f/22. I was really excited after seeing results :). That came out really well. Even my father appreciated ;). Photographers believe that the great shot we take is in our backyard. For me it was only 5kms from backyard ;). This was different sort of experiment I did for first time. The beach, lighthouse, rocks, sun all perfectly composed (boasting myself!). I was really thrilled with depth of field in the image. My favourite part was sun and sky! Hope you too will enjoy the image ;)

Whenever I see Sunset, I remember beautiful remix of Sunset - Beautiful Life by Vol Deeman. What a great masterpiece! This is the only link I found which has the music:

and not to forget the equally good original version of Sunset - Beautiful Life:

Do not miss both the musics, they are really fantastic


Camera: Canon EOS 550D
Lens: 18-55mm Kit lens
Mode: Manual
Focal Length: 18mm
Focus: Auto
Shutter Speed: 1/25s
Aperture: f/22
ISO: 100
White Balance: Auto
Picture Style: Landscape
Metering mode: Center Weighted Average
Tripod Used: Yes
Flash Used: No

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