Timelapse Collection - 2

It has been long break in this blog. Breaking the break, here is a brag about my new timelapse collection this winter ;-). The collection comprises of frames from Bhadra reservoir, Gajanur reservoir, and my village.

There are basically five clips.

1) The first is from Bhadra reservoir and the subject is sinking sun breaking for the day. This was shot around 4:30PM and hence quite intense Sun too! I shot the timelapse with help of 8 stop ND filter & 2 stop GND filter stack to cut down the overall luminosity. This also reduced shutter speed which helps in providing smoothness to flow of water. The main reason I shot this was because of diffused light resulting from piercing of the Sunbeam through strip of stratocumulus clouds! This type of setup scatters the sunlight and sprays the rays on to the earth's surface. The timelapse which is combination of moving clouds, and sun, creates beautiful passing rays with vivid projections on the earth's surface :D. This thought culminated in a timelapse captured for about 40mins. I am not sure on number of images but remember it was framed in 'M' mode since the intensity of Sun barely changes in 45 mins with minuscule cloud density.

The images were framed in KDENLIVE with following corrections

i) Increased the contrast to accentuate the scattered rays.
ii) Increased sharpness
iii) Shifted white-balance towards blue
iv) Did few RGB correction

2) The second was again caught in Bhadra reservoir, however along the entrance. The other mystical part of such type of clouds is that just before sunset, the rays of sun illuminates the stratocumulus clouds with beautiful orange-yellow pattern and finally cools down to blue. Remember, this phenomenon is created by the sinking Sun but actual color of clouds remain blue itself ;-). The colour initially being yellow shift towards orange and falls back to blue. This pattern once again perfect for timelapse and my camera successfully caught it ;-). I guess the shots were composed in 'Av' mode to maintain uniform brightness.

Same software used with following corrections

i) Increased the contrast to illuminate the sky bit more and darken the bottom portion
ii) Increased sharpness

3) The third one is very simple. Just a strip of moving clouds along with flowing water. I used CPL filter in this case to cut down haze. Nothing much significant editing carried out except for sharpness

4) The next two are star trails shot in my village. The first one is moon-set and second one is rise of orion belt from south-east. Booth were shot at f/2.8, 30s, ISO-800, tungsten WB. The lamenting part is not all images are steady. This basically due to absence of tripod. I used an artificial support to cling my DSLR which was not steady. Consequently some of pictures turned out to be blur. Hence the video is flickers at some positions. The final editing comprised of sharpening, increase in contrast and de-noising.

5) The last one is the dancing fog. There is nothing much to glorify about this clip. Probably, I should have turned the clip to monochrome so that fading of fog looked profound.

Hope you enjoyed the description and enjoy the video. Meanwhile, my next giant leap is to pull up HDR timelapse ;-). Do you think I can achieve it, lets try!

Camera: Canon EOS-550D
Lens: Sigma 17-70 f/.28-4 OS HSM lens
Tripod: Whatever steady surface at the location
Filters: 8Stop ND, 2 stop GND & CPL
Video Editor: KDENLIVE under Linux
Music: Royalty free music from Youtube


  1. Toller Wasserfall! Der Song mit den begleitenden Fotos gefällt mir sehr gut.