Short compilation of Maravanthe Beach

I shared few HDRs from Maravanthe Beach here captured during my visit this summer. Here is short compilation of the video of this beautiful beach. Not much to brag about rather some subjects in mind.

  1. The interesting part of the beach is the beautiful beach and souparnika river view which is part of compilation
  2. Few sunset clips with roaring sea
  3. A dead turtle was spotted on the beach which I included in the video.
  4. Sea tides

These were the only aspects included in video. Apart from this, I missed some clips dedicated to souparnika river and a drive along the highway which could have been captured from city bus. Not sured I missed them. However, whatever captured I believe has come well. Hope you enjoy the video :). The video was edited with KDENLIVE with some RGB correction and white balance adjustment. Comments and critiques are always welcome.

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