Deepavali gift to myself

This deepavali I gifted a weird stuff [relatively ;)] to myself. It is quite unusual too. So what was it? I was scratching my head so much from many days that why my camera does not see like my eye. After so much R&D around net, I finally realized that I need a 50mm lens :D. The search was ON. First 50mm/f1.2 IS USM lens. I was shocked at its price and immediately went to 50mm/f1.4 IS USM lens. Its cost was also very high :(. The only option was 50mm/f1.8 EF II lens. It was relatively cheap than rest two. However the major drawback is no IS :(. The lack of IS could be felt sometimes. Nevertheless it is quite good for a beginner though. So I tested some captures and videos in my hometown and it came quite nice. I could achieve very nice shallow depth of field. The best thing about the lens is that it can maintain f/1.8 even at high shutter speeds. At nights it can grab more light so that you can capture very good image. I also captured some videos+images in beach side. I know it is not meant for landscape but still wanted to have a try ;). Overall it is good buy for money.

So here is the compilation of images and videos I took in my 50mm lens. All of them [Images+Videos] were taken in Manual Mode with lens in Manual Focus.

As every-time please comment on video so that I can improve further.

Music: Rank 1 - Airwave (Aaron static 2009 remix)

Update: I realized later that my realization was wrong :(. For a crop sensor DSLR, you need 35mm to mimic eye's 50mm focal length. Nevertheless, this lens is great lens in your kitty (few portraits have come really well). Recently I gifted photoframe of my parents and they were excited to receive the gift :). What do you need in the world than the happiness on face of parents! Also my father was convinced on investing few bucks on DSLR :D

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