Skywatch Friday - The Horizon

This picture was taken around 2 years back during our casual visit to Malpe Beach near Udupi. This is not reflections of winter Sun but peak summer Sun (around April). The dark spots you see at far end are small islands nearby Malpe Beach. There is also a light house in that area. Earlier, we could visit that place now authorities do not permit. We can only visit Tonsepar (St.Mary's island). This was just random shot which was bit under-exposed. The under exposing of the image sometimes creates great effect as one below. Also the picture was taken during golden hour. During the time frame Sun shows off with superb colors with the help of atmosphere. Apart from colors and reflections, I love the horizon too and hence the title ;-). Hope you enjoy the image.

Golden Hour at malpe beach!

Thinking of Horizon, I remember beautiful music by SoundLift and Andy Blueman "The Horizonte". Both are uplifting musics. The magic of Andy and SoundLift is the intelligent blending of orchestral music and synthesizers. Of the two, SoundLift's version has slight edge over Andy Blueman's work in my opinion. Hear and enjoy the musics if you wish

1) SoundLift - Horizonte (Andy Blueman Intro mix):

2) SoundLift - Horizonte (SoundLift's Original mix):

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